Reactivate: Safely Re-Engage Dormant Emails

Convert your inactive subscriber file into an incremental audience using broader ecosystem open and click data.


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Featured Case Study: Kin Euphorics

See how Kin Euphorics realized a 57% re-engagement rate with GetEmails Reactivate.

Not only did Kin reactivate a substantial portion of a 2mm contact dormant list – they saw an 11x ROI.

Click here to read the entire case study.

Re-engage your dormant email file with GetEmails' Reactivate.

Listen For Open Signals

We store your opt-in list on our servers. We typically hear opens from 75% of known email addresses.

Trigger Relevant Emails

Use existing segmenting data to power a relevant, timely campaign.

Reactivate Subscribers

Send a re-engagement campaign to your subscriber, and enjoy a 20-40% open rate from a previously dead email.

The Only Way to Safely Reactivate Your Dormant Emails at Scale

Signals Are Everything

Open and click signals are the best—and safest—way to reactivate dormant emails. Our signal network has unprecedented coverage, consistent delivery, is platform agnostic, and works at scale.

Never Hit a Trap

The biggest risk in attempting to send to old, dormant emails is hitting spam traps. 

You’ll never hit a trap using our live opener data, because spam traps don’t open emails. 

Sky-High Open Rates

Are you ready to improve your reactivation campaign open rates from 2-3% to 20-40%? 

Book a demo and start reactivating your dead emails with GetEmails Reactivate.

Reactivate vs. Engage

Reactivate has a daily batched signal, much higher coverage, much lower CPM. 

Reactivate is the only way to safely contact dormant emails that have been inactive for longer periods of time (longer than one year).

Engage  has a real-time signal, lower coverage, and a much higher CPM.

Engage is the best way to optimize send times for high value campaigns to inactive but not yet dormant audiences. 

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