How to Set Up Add to Cart

Using GetEmails’ Add to Cart Feature This feature identifies abandoned cart contents for your GetEmails contacts. To use this feature, you must first ensure that you’re using the most recent version of our script on your website. You can find your script under Code Snippet > View Script.  Click here for a link to all […]

How to use the Revenue Tracking Script

How does the Revenue Tracking Script Work? To track customer orders on your eCommerce site, you can use our Revenue Tracking Script. This will identify order numbers and amounts from your eCommerce site. We will then pull that data and display it on your Dashboard. TAKE NOTE: You can use both the GetEmails suppression script and […]

Does GetEmails have a white-label?

One question we get from agencies is if GetEmails has a white-label option. We don’t have our own white-label YET. BUT you can achieve a white-label by following these easy steps: Use Google Tag Manager There are two ways to achieve a white-label in GTM: If you’re managing your client’s Google Tag Manager account, you […]

How do I add the snippet script code to my website?

Adding the script to your website is different for every brand and depends on your domain host provider. Click on your website builder below for step-by-step instructions on adding the script to your website: BigCommerce ClickFunnels Google Tag Manager GrooveFunnels Leadpages Shopify Squarespace Weebly Wix WordPress Custom Site If you have a custom HTML site, […]