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How is GetEmails legal?

How is GetEmails legal?

Yes. It’s compliant with both CAN-SPAM, and it is compliant with the coming California legislation.


How does GetEmails work?

Cookie identification, hashing emails, and matching those hashes to a database of 3rd-party opt-ins.

What do I send

What should I send to these email addresses? 

This is a guide with all of our recommendations on when and what to send, based on industry, with examples.

GetEmails legal packet

The GetEmails Legal Packet

This is meant to share with your legal department. All about CAN-SPAM and the coming California legislation.


Email-Based Retargeting – The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about Email-Based Retargeting.

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How to install GetEmails’ script on your website

Examples, with video, on how to install our script with WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Shopify, and Wix.


How does pricing work?

FAQ’s like “can I do a bigger trial”? “Can I set a fixed budget”? etc.

10x Your List Growth Speed with GetEmails

Pricing can vary based on your website traffic, our match rate, what pages you put our code on (only high-intent pages, or all pages), and how many records you actually want to receive per month.

Free plans are free. Paid plans start at $49, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

The easiest way to figure out how many records per month we will be able to send to you is to try it out. It’s free, and we’ll be able to estimate that number in 24-36 hours.

Here is our pricing based on email credits you choose to receive each month.

1 Email Credit: is $0.25 per month.