We believe in empowering marketers to spread their message to as many people as possible.

That’s why we built GetEmails – the world’s first ever Email-Based Retargeting solution.

Adam and Helen
It's Adam and Helen again ... Have you seen the FB ads?
Hello From Our Founder

This is Adam, Founder/CEO of GetEmails.

Long story short, GetEmails started as a feature in our other company, an Email Marketing app (like Mailchimp) called Robly. 

We released the feature – called RoblyID – and much to our surprise, around 90% of our customers adopted it enthusiastically, and we were getting heavy inbound demand for the feature from new customers. 

The funny  thing about the new customers is they were using RoblyID, but not the rest of Robly. They were downloading the file and uploading it to Klaviyo, Drip, or whatever other Email Marketing app they were using.

When we asked them the NPS question (“How likely are you to refer this to a friend or colleague, 1-10?”), it was a unanimous 10, and we knew we were on to something. 

We spun out GetEmails as its own company in November 2019, connected it to literally everything, and it’s been up-and-to-the-right since then. 

Helen (my wife) and I did a bunch of fun Facebook ads in 2020 that you can see here.

We hope our customers love GetEmails as much as we love building cool features to improve performance and enhance our offering.


Adam, Founder/CEO GetEmails