Identity Resolution Demystified: What is RampID?

*At the time of this recording, LiveRamp’s RampID product was called IdentityLink.

What is RampID?

Identity resolution connects the dots between your online and offline data to form a 360-degree view of the customer. It’s a vital part of people-based marketing. And one of the first steps with identity resolution is to onboard your data so you can begin making those connections.

When you onboard your data with a company like LiveRamp to activate all of the possible channels, they then connect the profiles for you and give you a single identifier. And that identifier is called RampID.

What is RampID?

Previously known as IdentityLink, RampID helps marketers to maximize their ability to reach consumers and consumer devices — everything from desktops and laptops to mobile devices— by leveraging their own authenticated data in a privacy-conscious manner.

RampID is an anonymized, unique, privacy-safe, people-based identifier that can be used across all marketing platforms to activate data and analyze campaigns.

How and when does it work?

When you onboard data with LiveRamp for identity resolution, they’ll send you back an identity link. For example, that link could connect Mobile User A with Laptop User B and known-person C. The link you’ll receive is an anonymized, unique identifier for that specific person.

With that link, you can then activate your data, meaning you can put it in the system and serve that person with advertising. You can use RampID to identify users from any tech platform or publisher.

Here are a few use cases for RampID:

  • Universal opt-outs
  • Activation analysis across channels
  • Ad frequency capping
  • Suppression of conversions

Those things provide value to both you and your customer.

What are the benefits of RampID?

When you put RampID to work, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • Deeper insights and improved closed-loop attribution of RampID-based measurement workflows
  • Doesn’t use third-party cookies (which are on their way out)
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Fully privacy-safe
  • Completely universal
  • Increased reach
  • Enhanced marketing efficiency for frequency capping and campaign suppressions
  • Ties together more data points against existing database
  • Free to all tech platforms

Start making connections

LiveRamp connects data from enterprises, publishers, technology platforms, data owners, and agencies — and RampID helps make those connections possible. 

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