Meet GetOpeners™️ Live: Safely Bring Dead Emails Back to Life Using Real-Time Email Opener Data

Timing is everything. When is the best time to send someone a re-engagement email? When they’re in their inbox.

Bring Dead Emails Back to Life Using GetOpeners™️ Live

Listen For Open Signals

We store your opt-in list on our servers. We typically hear opens from 75% of known email addresses.

Trigger Timely Emails

When we see an open signal from a subscriber on your list, we pass it to you in Real-Time, which triggers an offer.

Convert Customers

Send a re-engagement offer to your subscribers when they are in their inbox, convert customers.

Send offers to your subscribers when they're in their inbox.

Get Live Opener Data for 75% of Your List

Upload your opt-in email list and we can monitor for live opens coming from our network. 

We hear signals from over 75% of the email ecosystem.

We pass you the events in real-time.

Send Re-Engagement Offers at the Perfect Time

Use our live opener data to send offers to your subscribers at the exact right time … when those people are actually in their inbox.

Be at the top of the inbox, every time.

Revive Dead Emails, Convert More Customers

Experience conversion rates more than 5x higher than your batch sending and autoresponders. 

It’s the single most effective strategy to increase the ROI of your Email Marketing program.

Just try it. 


Email Ecosystem Coverage


Events Received Per Month


Average ROI Increase

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