Get "Date of Last Open" With GetOpeners™️ Batch

Your unengaged list is huge, and it’s dangerous to send to. On top of that, re-engagement campaigns never work. Run your unengaged list against our database of last known open date and safely contact up to 75% of your unengaged list.

Re-Engage Your Un-Engaged List With GetOpeners™️ Batch

Import Your Un-Engaged List

Upload your list in one easy step. We typically hear opens from 75% of known email addresses. 

Find Last Known Open

The “Last Known Open” is simply the best and safest way to clean a list.

Safely Contact Old Subscribers

It will be literally impossible to hit a spam trap if you’re only emailing 90-day openers.

Safely contact your old, unengaged subscribers.

Activate Your Un-Engaged List

Your email list is your biggest asset, and in order to keep it healthy, you have to unsubscribe non-engagers.

Contacting that list is dangerous. A low-engagement campaign, especially if it’s full of spam traps, can kill your reputation.

Find Recent Openers

Re-engagement campaigns simply don’t work. 

The safest and most effective way to contact your unengaged list is to figure out the email addresses who are still alive, meaning the email addresses that have known opens in the last 90 days.

Safely Contact 90-Day Openers

Spam traps can bury your email program, and the key to avoiding spam traps is sending to current and active email addresses.

This is the best way to clean your unengaged list. 



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