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General Best Practices – Qualifying Your Audience

Advance Use Case: Qualifying Your Audience Target only your best, highest intent customer to grow your audience using GetEmail’s Identity Resolution What Does Qualified Traffic Look Like? In a somewhat basic but general explanation, qualified traffic is the type of

General Best Practices – What and When to Send

General Best Practices How to build an authentic relationship and grow your audience using GetEmail’s Identity Resolution Table of Contents The Challenge The Flow Other Use Cases Bring on the Challenge How does a brand develop one-to-one relationship with users

160+ Examples of Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Take a moment to think about the trillion of dollars — yes, trillion, with a “t” — that ecommerce businesses lose out on each and every year due to online shoppers abandoning their carts. (Don’t worry, we have a solution coming

97 Examples of Browse Abandonment Subject Lines

An online shopper just viewed one of the products on your website — or several, if you’re lucky — but they left before adding it to their cart and making a purchase. So, how do you not only get them

Best Browse Abandonment Email Templates of 2021

Anytime you can re-engage an online shopper that’s already interacted with your site is a win because you know they have at least some interest in your products. No cold calls there. One great way to re-engage them is by