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General Best Practices – What and When to Send

General Best Practices

How to build an authentic relationship and grow your audience using GetEmail’s Identity Resolution

Bring on the Challenge

How does a brand develop one-to-one relationship with users and reduce the overall friction with the user?

The Flow

  1. Email 1/Day 0 – Immediately
    • Introduce yourself (e.g. “Thanks for stopping by the site”), make an offer. Explain how your brand is different. Try to humanize your brand, if possible, with casual photographs of you around the office. 
  2. Email 2/Day 1 – 6 to 24 hours later
    • Send your offer again and remind them! Send your “best sellers” and “best-of” content
  3. Email 3/Day 2 – 24 hours later
    • Send another value-loaded piece of content. Really position yourself and/or your brand as an expert in your field; give away the single best tip or trick you have.
    • Unsubscribe all Non-Openers at this point but keep the rest in the flow
  4. Email 4/Day 3 – 24 hours later
    • Send another value-loaded piece of content. Let others validate your brand by showing your customers testimonials and reviews!
  5. Email 5/Day 4 – 24 hours later
    • Create a “Limited-Time” offer and wrap up your sequence. 
  6. Evergreen – After the Series
    • If and only if they interacted with your series (clicks OR opens), put them into your normal email marketing! They like you, and they know you. Just keep the conversation open.

Other Uses Cases for GetEmails and Identity Resolution

Targeting your best users by using GetEmails’ Identity Resolution alongside your current browse abandonment or cart abandonment to reduce wasted marketing spend!