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Fight list attrition with targeted email addresses that are up to 90% less expensive than social media at scale.

GetEmails identifies up to 35% of your anonymous traffic, then sends you contact records that aren't on your list.


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Triggered Direct Mail

Case Study: Prophecy News Watch - The First 60 days

GetEmails is acquiring active clickers – people who actually clicked on an article in an email – for 20% cheaper than
we are getting from opt-in email addresses (who have taken no action) on our social channels, our next best traffic source. Our entire business is selling advertising and products to active clickers, so GetEmails has been transformational to our business. Read the case study
  • Emails Received: 45k
  • Openers: 20k (45%)
  • Active Clickers: 11k (25%)
  • Cost of GetEmails records: 20c
  • Cost of an opt-in via social: $1

Kade Hawkins

Prophecy News Watch

Solve your attrition problem in under 24 hours

Easily install the script on any website

  • Use Google Tag Manager to get our script
    on your website in seconds.
  • Pro tip: Only want to receive engaged contacts? Set the script
    to only show up on a contact’s 3rd page view.

Seamlessly connect to any Email Marketing sofware

  • Automatically receive contacts into any Email Marketing software, and suppress contacts you already have so that you don’t pay for them.
  • You can also connect via API.

Send your contacts a "thanks for coming by the site" automated email

Set up an autoresponder in your Email Marketing software
that thanks visitors for visiting the site and offers an opt-out.

Add them to your main list after they receive it.

Log back in after 24 hours and pick a monthly plan

Contacts populate every day at 11am EST.

You’ll know what monthly plan to pick after a day.

Any questions? Contact us.

Never pay for a duplicate record

With GetEmails’ suppression scripts for confirmation pages and our automatic suppression built into all integrations. You’ll only pay for records you don’t already have.

Solve your attrition problem with the cheapest source of engaged email addresses on the market

Convert GetEmails leads through email and direct mail by capturing digital and physical contact records.

First Peter
Last Pan
Address1 5276 East Dublin St
Address2 Apt 2
City North Charleston
State NC
Zip 29410
Date 4/16/16 0:00
Click Date 9/4/19 23:18
Landing Page

Download a .CSV sample of GetEmails’ data

We know you’re wondering about these three questions…

So we made podcast episodes out of them.

Learn more from Adam and Helen at our Permission Shmarketing podcast youtube channel.

Ready to start rapidly acquiring targeted contact records for 75% less than you're paying on social?

10x Your List Growth Speed with GetEmails

Pricing can vary based on your website traffic, our match rate, what pages you put our code on (only high-intent pages, or all pages), and how many records you actually want to receive per month.

Free plans are free. Paid plans start at $49, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

The easiest way to figure out how many records per month we will be able to send to you is to try it out. It’s free, and we’ll be able to estimate that number in 24-36 hours.

Here is our pricing based on email credits you choose to receive each month.

1 Email Credit: is $0.25 per month.