Identity Resolution Algorithms

The Problem We’re Solving with Email-Based Retargeting

For years, we’ve been frustrated with what we call “the Identity Gap.” This is the gap in existing technology between being able to identify an anonymous company that visits your website, but not the actual person.

With GetEmails, we’re fixing that.

The Problem – Identification technology

The Identity Gap in Identification Technology 

identification technology

Several technologies exist that can identify the company of the person who visits your website. Clearbit Reveal and LeadFeeder are two examples. 

We have used this technology at Robly, our Email Marketing company that preceded GetEmails, and thought it was great for bigger deals. 

Robly is mainly an SMB platform, though. This ID technology wasn’t as useful as it might have been for companies that service Enterprise level businesses. 

The information about our potential customers was often wrong, and the deal size was so small that sifting through and attempting to act on it wasn’t economic. 

Enrichment Technology 

On the other side of the spectrum, there are enrichment technologies that can take an email address and append social media and company data to it. Clearbit Enrich is an example. 

This technology is fantastic for personalization, but you have to somehow acquire the email address in the first place, which is not quite as magical as making anonymous website visitors appear out of thin air. 

We call the distance between these two technologies “The Identity Gap.”

We felt that the Identity Gap was a problem that wasn’t unique to us, and from speaking with our friends who are in marketing and tech, others agreed. 

So we set out to solve it. 

The Solution – Full Contact Identity Resolution

We spent a couple of years trying to build something that worked, and in the middle of 2019, we had something that actually bridged the Identity Gap. We were ready to test it with our current Robly customers. 

The product identifies up to 35% of anonymous website traffic, then matches those identified visitors to a database of several hundred million partner opt-ins that we have accumulated over the years. 

Most importantly, it’s CAN-SPAM compliant, but only works in the USA. You can’t do what we invented in Europe or Canada.

We called the product RoblyID, and we added it as a feature inside of Robly. Our users loved it.

We didn’t know what to call it because no one we talked to had ever heard of anything like it. 

We settled on calling it Email-Based Retargeting, which we felt was accurate and not too complicated.

So we coined that term, created that category, and bought to help educate people about what we had discovered.

Email-Based Retargeting: Revolutionizing Email Marketing Forever

email-based retargeting

A couple truly novel things came out of closing the Identity Gap.

First, email marketing has always been about sending emails to people who opted-in to YOUR brand’s list, and there’s always tremendous effort and expense put toward getting visitors to opt-in to your list. 

No matter what you do, you’ll only capture about 3% of website traffic with exit-intent pop-ups.

Now, all of a sudden, by using Email-Based Retargeting you’re getting full contact records with postal addresses for up to 35% of your traffic. 

And you can email them and be CAN-SPAM compliant. This is a complete paradigm shift for email marketing.

The second paradigm change is a bit more subtle and involves bigger brands. 

Large brands have historically used ID technology to identify emails belonging to visitors whose email addresses were already collected but weren’t logged in to their website. Once identified, triggered abandonment emails were sent to those visitors.

When we invented Email-Based Retargeting, suddenly we could give these brands contact records and landing page information for people who were not yet on their list. 

This is a massive paradigm change: CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing to people who aren’t on your list, but visited your website. Powerful stuff.

Moving Email Marketing Up the Funnel

moving email marketing up the funnel

The other major paradigm shift that occurred by closing the Identity Gap and inventing Email-Based Retargeting was that email marketing moved up the funnel. 

What do I mean by that? 

Traditional Email Marketing is done to cold traffic. You have an opt-in. You’ve already built a substantial amount of trust with your subscribers, which is how you earned the opt-in. 

With Email-Based Retargeting, it’s a completely different situation. 

You’re emailing cold traffic. These visitors know very little about you, and you haven’t earned their trust at all. 

A talented marketer embraces this reality and realizes that these prospects need to be treated differently than those in their standard email program. 

With cold traffic, you need to build trust. Building trust takes time.

We have seen people find success by providing a long welcome series that provides tons of free value. For eCommerce, in addition to the free value that you are providing, we suggest adding discount coupons.

Emails from Email-Based Retargeting will not convert immediately. You need to evaluate your campaign over a 3 to 6 month period to properly assess ROI. 

Enter GetEmails: The World’s First-Ever Email-Based Retargeting Software

enter getemails

We could tell from the response from the Robly community about RoblyID that we needed to open up Email-Based Retargeting to the world.

So, we built GetEmails. 

We had a very clear vision for what we wanted GetEmails to be. 

We wanted to build a lightweight SaaS app that was: 

  1. Quick and easy to set up
  2. Free to try
  3. Integrated with everything

We’re going to keep improving GetEmails to be more of those three things. We’re going to keep trying to make it easier and quicker to set up, keep it free to try forever, and keep building more and more integrations. 

We’ve also built it to scale for Enterprise businesses. 

An interesting use case that we’ve seen for much larger businesses is the execution of a targeted, direct mail campaign based on landing page visits. 

Contact us to talk more about that. 

Click here to get started with GetEmails; the first 25 emails are free.

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