Posh Puppy drives Audience Growth with GetEmails

Posh Puppy Boutique is a luxury dog boutique that has a huge selection of designer dog clothes, carriers, collars, dog beds, toys, and all types of unique dog apparel.


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Drive Revenue and Conversions

GetEmails Identity Resolution

““We saw 2x ROI on GetEmails contacts in 30 days, and now I own them forever. The open rate on my main email list is 9% – GetEmails contacts opened at 22%. I love the product.”

Performance Results


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Bring on the Challenge

Prior to using GetEmails, Posh Puppy Boutique’s most effective marketing channel was SMS marketing. In April of 2019, carriers changed their SMS marketing policies and Posh Puppy lost deliverability. Their return on an SMS send dropped from around $10k in revenue to $1k. CEO and Founder Jennifer Kirk hired several Facebook marketing agencies, but they never seemed to be able to efficiently acquire customers for a business as niche as hers. Jennifer was searching for other profitable channels where she could grow her business.

Enter GetEmails

Jennifer installed the GetEmails script on her website, and immediately started collecting between 75 to 100 contact records per day. She integrated with her Mailchimp account, put the subscribers in a “Single Welcome Email” automation that thanked them for coming by the website, then added them to her regular email list.

The Results

Posh Puppy Boutique spent $906 on GetEmails over a six week period and realized a 1.81x ROI during that period. They now own the contacts forever, which Jennifer knows represents substantial LTV. Furthermore, GetEmails open rates were 21.2%, vs. 9% for her opt-in list.