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Case Studies


Blogger Case Study: Kim Roach/InsanelyGoodRecipes

Kim Roach increased her email acquisition rate from 100/day to 600-800/day overnight.


Publisher Case Study: Prophecy News Watch

Prophecy News Watch grows active clicker audience rapidly – 45k Emails Received, 20k Openers (45%), 11k Active Clickers (25%).


Ecommerce Case Study: Posh Puppy Boutique

Posh Puppy Boutique 4x’s open rate vs. normal opt-in list, with a 25% click-to-open rate, and 1.8x ROI.


Ecommerce Case Study: Freida Rothman

Freida Rothman Luxury Jewelers realizes 10x ROI on Black Friday, with an 85% cost-per-lead reduction.


Publisher Case Study: Marin Magazine

Marin Magazine fights attrition by cutting cost-per-subscriber by 85%.

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