How does pricing work?

GetEmails pricing is very flexible and allows for a high degree of self service. All new accounts get 25 free emails as part of the free trial. Pricing GetEmails offers monthly subscriptions that include up to a certain number of collected contacts. For the most part, collected contacts within these plans cost 25 cents each, […]

How do Overages work?

Overages Explained All GetEmails monthly plans include up to a specific number of included contacts. If your script happens to collect more contacts during the month than your plan includes, and overages are turned on, you will be charged the overage rate for your plan for additional contacts. You can see what your overage rate […]

How do I turn the collection script on or off?

You may turn your GetEmails collection script on or off at any time. To turn off your script, click on your Dashboard and toggle the script On or Off. Note that if you run out of contact records and Overages are Off, your script will automatically turn off until your monthly billing cycle starts over, […]