How to Set Up Add to Cart

Using GetEmails’ Add to Cart Feature This feature can identify abandoned cart contents for both unknown, non-logged in users (GetEmails contacts) and known, non-logged in customers (emails in your GetEmails suppression list).  If you use this feature, we will send all of those Add to Cart events to you.  To use this feature, you must […]

How to add the revenue tracking script to your Shopify site

You can use your GetEmails’ revenue tracking script to capture order information for your GetEmails contacts that land on your Shopify page. Tracking codes typically are used on the order status page. Once data is collected, your dashboard will display your week-over-week ROI from your GetEmails contacts. Here’s how to add your GetEmails revenue tracking […]

How to use the Revenue Tracking Script

How does the Revenue Tracking Script Work? To track customer orders from GetEmails contacts on your eCommerce site, you can use our Revenue Tracking Script. This will identify the: email address order number, and transaction amount tied to a contact from your eCommerce site. We will then pull that data and display it on your Dashboard. […]